Morir como Icaro vale más que vivir sin haber intentado volar nunca, aunque fuese con alas de cera.
- Unamuno

Focal hand Dystonia Artist.
Artist wannabe.
Currently studying Arts.

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Thanks for 800 followers!!!!

I animated this thingy but you know I’m not very good at animating xD So sorry.

And thank you so much for the love and support!!

Dragon Age templar OC

Another face and expression study

My Dragon Age half-qunari OC, Policarpo.

We had to do some face and expression studies for class and I had permission to submit them here ^0^

Thanks for +750 followers!! *0* + update

Thank you so so much guys for all the new followers and all the notes I found on the new drawings!!

As I thought, I have no internet connection in my grandparent’s house, but I’ll try to update new drawings in the small breaks in class ^0^

HonHonHon Let’s the investigation begin!

HonHonHon Let’s the investigation begin!

Provisional hiatus

Well, tomorrow is the day I leave, so I should say this is a provisional hiatus until I know whether I have internet connection (or regular access to it) or not.

I will also be busy with the homework. I signed a contract and everything I draw for them will be owned by the school so I can’t submit it here.
Still, I will try and update this whenever I can ^^ 

Take care, everyone!! 

Bromance: On mondays, we ride a bike to school

Bromance: On mondays, we ride a bike to school

Andre Laurent Jean Geraux - or Bebe.
Female Character and Male Character (probably not, but they are so otp for me I can’t)

Oh, I just love this character ;_;

/Early/ birthday present for howniceareyou ^0^

/Early/ birthday present for howniceareyou ^0^

The sketch of the day

The sketch of the day