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I don’t really like how this came out. This kind of coloring is good for drawings with less details. But beh, I wanted to try.

I don’t really like how this came out. This kind of coloring is good for drawings with less details. But beh, I wanted to try.


Ignore the lame lineart, I just wanted to try some color techniques


Ignore the lame lineart, I just wanted to try some color techniques

Closing commissions!

Well, I’ll start packing things and I’ll probably be busy this week, so I better close the commiss now ^^

I’d reaaally like to thank the people who commissed me, it was a pleasure to work for so so nice people and I really hope you liked the sketches I did for you.

Commission for asit-taleb
Commission  for criz-zone
Commission for mording
Comission of dengekicomics ’ Arisen ^^

Comission of dengekicomics ’ Arisen ^^

Commissions info /CLOSED/

General information:

- Payment via Paypal only. (Accepting both dollars and euros)
- I will ask for a 50% of the payment (not refundable) before starting the drawing. The other half will be paid when the drawing is finished. 
- Your commission will be posted with a watermark, but I will send a clean one for you. This way, we will avoid commercial use of it without our permission. I will send you this file when the payment is complete.
- Depending on your commission, I will send you (via note) some questions/things I need to know about the character you want me to draw. Please, make sure you answer as much of them as you can.
- I will keep in contact in case I have any doubt of your commission (via note)

How to make your commission:

- Send me a note to this tumblr with your commission.
- I will let you know I received the note and I will send you the price of your commissions (Providing a list of rates below, so you will know the price before sending the note, but I will tell you anyway just in case). I will also ask you some things I need to know about your commiss.
- Send me half of the payment and I will start working on it. (Paypal email will be sent via note)
- I will let you know when the drawing is done. Then, you can send me the other half of the payment and I will post the drawing and send you a copy without watermarks. 

(I’m only taking sketches)
1. Busts - portraits: 5 Euros / 6 USD (per character)


2. Half-body: 7 Euros / 9 USD (per character)


3. Full body: 10 Euros / 12 USD (per character)


(I’m still not sure if that rates are too much or too low… let me know if you don’t agree with them)

What I do:

- I accept all kind of characters (OC or fanart)
- Animals count as a character.
- I will draw the sketches with black leads. But if you want some orange or blue on the sketch, tell me (no charges)

What I don’t:

- I don’t feel comfortable drawing hentai. 
- I will not draw something I consider offensive.

I will take 3 commissions at the same time. Please, check the list below before sending a note! ^^

1. asit-taleb - Working on it

Asked by criz-zone

Hello! Thank you so much for asking!

Well, I’m not sure of how much should I ask for a sketch (more when I tend to understimate my work xDDD) I want to do some researchs and see what others artists do and make a decision then ^^

Notice ~~

Hello everyone!
Just writting this in order to say that I’ll be moving to another city for some months to attend my master degree. I’ll be an official ilustrator-concept artist soon xD 
I’ll be living with my grandparents, so I will have no internet (maybe I will be able to connect some times in college, but not sure) So I better say I will be on hiatus this months ^^

Well, I will leave at the end of this month, so still have some weeks and I thought I could take a few commissions until then ^^ But I was not sure if someone would be interested xD Sooo… if there’s enough people who’d like to order something (considering I’ll be doing sketches), I’ll do a longer post with the information ^0^